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Paul brings a lifetime of firearms experience to our classes.  As a Training Officer in the United States Army, and as a decorated Vietnam veteran, he gained valuable experience in the application of deadly force in combat and personal defense, as well as the teaching skills required to pass those lessons on to students.  Paul has competed in various shooting sports over the years, including State and National Trap Shooting as well as Combat Pistol Competition.  He has participated in the State Black Powder Competition and has won State Championships in the Bench Rest Division.  Paul has also been an avid hunter for many years, and enjoys hunting for upland birds and waterfowl, as well as shooting recreational Sporting Clays with his family and friends. As an Endowment Member of the NRA, a member of Ducks Unlimited and Quail Unlimited Paul enjoys shooting sports and helping our students to acquire and improve their shooting skills. Paul is active in the Boy Scouts of America Rifle and Shotgun Shooting Merit Badge Programs. In order to bring students the safest and best hands on education with firearms and he has continued his instructor training through the educational programs made available by the National Rifle Association, the National Muzzleloading Rifle Association and the North Carolina department of Justice, and will continue to do so in the future. Paul has also been appointed as a Training Counselor by the National Rifle Association.
Brandon has a comprehensive background with handguns, rifles, shotguns and reloading, and is an NRA Instructor in these disciplines.  As an avid outdoorsman he enjoys any chance he gets to spend time afield, either hunting or simply working with his favorite bird dog.  Brandon is a lifelong firearms enthusiast; his father taught him to shoot at an early age, and nowadays when he is not hunting he can usually be found on the pistol range, shooting Sporting Clays to help stay in shape for hunting season, reading up on the latest news in the gun world, or putting in his time at the reloading bench.  As an Endowment Member of the NRA and fan of the shooting sports, Brandon enjoys helping students to acquire and improve their shooting skills, and he is active in the Boy Scouts of America Merit Badge Program.  He is continuing his firearms education through the NRA Instructor Program, and will soon have his certifications for both Metallic and Shotshell Reloading, so as to better offer our students a broader base of firearms knowledge.
Scoring target for concealed carry qualification
Brandon Echols - Instructor and RSO 
- NRA Certified Instructor for Pistol and Shotgun
- NRA Certified Range Safety Officer 
- NRA Endowment Member
Paul Echols - Instructor,Training Counselor and RSO
North Carolina Concealed Carry Firearms Instructor
 NRA Certified Instructor and Training Counselor 
Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun and Personal Protection
NMLRA Member and Instructor
 NRA Cheif Range Safety Officer
BSA Merit badge Counselor
 NRA Endowment Member