Paul Echols - 5960 Woodfield Drive - Kernersville, NC  27284 - Phone:  336 420 3431 - Email:

Just wanted to thank you for a top notch CCH Class I recently attended. Even though I have prior law enforcement experience, I did learn new things and throughly enjoyed the class. Anyone thinking about getting their Concealed Carry shouldn't go anywhere else for their training.
I wanted to thank you for the excellent instruction you gave at the Concealed Carry Class I recently completed. I thought that your course was really great and I feel that I really learned a lot more than I thought I would. You attention to detail and abundance of knowledge was much appreciated. 
John Petery
I just wanted to thank you for the time and effort you put forth to teach the CCH class. My wife, father and I were very impressed with your knowledge and personal attention to detail in giving the class. Excellent Time. Very informative.  
Thanks again,  
Chris Hester


Just a note to say how much I enjoyed your class on Saturday. It was all very professionally done and you were very patient with all of us. When you offer another Basic Pistol class, my wife would like to take it. Could you put her on the list for the next class that you conduct? 

Rick Bray

Lynn and I both really enjoyed your course we would like to further our training and would like to know what you would recommend. Please call us at your convienece. Thanks paul looking forward to hearing from you. Oh and by the way we have already recommended your course to a couple other people.

Kevin & Lynn
I Wanted to thank you very much for teaching the concealed carry class for myself and my friends a couple of weeks ago.  Yours is definitely a class worth taking.  We all felt it was very instructive as well as enjoyable and entertaining.  Thanks again for the class!  We are trying to get a few of us to come out for your next step class we discussed where you review more defensive shooting.

John Dwiggins

I thoroughly enjoyed your concealed carry class! You are a great teacher and very knowledgeable. The range and classroom were fun and insightful and I will readily recommend your class to anyone. Thank you for your instruction.

Chris Butner

I feel so lucky my wife and I had the opportunity to meet you at the Winston Salem show. We had been looking for someone who taught this class. We  managed to round up a group of men and women and get signed up for your Jan 23rd concealed carry handgun class. 
I believe the smaller classes that you encourage made a huge difference in the instructor and student relationship, but who would have thought so many would have the name Paul in such a small group. (There were 5 Paul’s in the class)
Your personality, knowledge of guns and fantastic teaching skills made the CCH class so enjoyable and created an atmosphere that everyone feels so comfortable and made learning  fun and easy. Now I feel so much more confident with the over all handling of my handgun and I now know the safety in witch it will be done.  I now Feel more protection for myself ,my family and others in my life as a direct result of your class.
Thanks again,

As I prepare to file for my permit, I thought I would drop you a line and express my appreciation for your class.  My brother and I took the class together and enjoyed a day that we won't forget.  I highly recommend the class for spouses or family members.  I think it is important for those closest to each other to have the same knowledge regarding a concealed handgun.
Take care!
Hope Tesh
I applied for  my permit at the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department first  thing Monday morning. The clerk stated that the maximum waiting period for  the permit would be 90 days.  I told the clerk that if anyone was searching for an informative and professionally run NC CCW class they could not do better than yours.  Thank you again and I hope to see you at your NRA Basic Pistol class with  my son in the near future

Michael Gilreath

I just wanted to drop you a short note and express my appreciation for my NC Concealed Carry class experience on June 13, 2009.  Your knowledge of firearms and their safe handling was second to none and the manner in which you and your staff conducted our range experience was safe, reassuring and enjoyable.    
I would like to thank you for the training you provided for me to have a concealed carry permit.  I felt very comfortable in the classroom and on the shooting range.  Paul, your teaching ability makes it very easy to understand the responsibility, safety and laws of carrying, handling and shooting all types of handguns.  You are an outstanding teacher and person and I hope to continue to have an ongoing friendship with you; also, I have started recommending  your class to others.

Thank you again, Chris Idol
Just wanted to thank you for the concealed carry class that Deb and I took on  March 7th. Your personalized and professional attitude really impressed my wife  and I. We really didn't want to attend a concealed course with 30 people in it. Your personalized attention and smaller class size are excellent. Deb said that  she enjoyed qualifying outside at your range. Being a former Nuclear Weapons Security officer in New Mexico years ago for the Air Force, I thought I knew it all. We now both feel better prepared if we have to encounter a bad situation in the future. As I said before we will be taking your defensive combat course in the near future.  

Thanks, Tom and Deb Cooper 
Thanks Paul !   
Excellent classroom and range experience, Doris and I certainly chose the right class to attend, the small number of students and individual attention made for a good day of learning. Have already recommended your class to several other folks.                         
Fred and Doris
I really enjoyed the NC Concealed Carry Class on February 21st 2009. The class was very informative and the pistol range was professionally set up. I had not shot my pistol in over 30 years so I was nervous during the practice shooting and was not hitting the target very well.  Paul allowed me to shoot some without the other students on the range and with his instruction I was able to calm down to the point that I got 45 out of 45 in the target during qualification.

James Caddill
Hi Paul,
Just a few words to let you know that I appreciate what did for me to get my Concealed Handgun Permit. The class was very interesting and I learned a lot of things that I didn't know about the law of carrying a concealed handgun. You are very great teacher in that field. I enjoyed the day very much. I wish you luck as you continue to help others to get their permits. I hope that we will meet again someday as I found you to be a good friend. Keep up the good work and have a great day.

God Bless.
Virgil Chitty

Hey Paul,
Sorry this is so late in coming!! We’ve both applied for our permits and now it’s just a waiting game! Just wanted to give you some feedback on the class. 
The class was a good atmosphere in which to learn and small enough that I felt comfortable to ask questions. You are very knowledgeable and able to communicate well the safety and handling of handguns. It was also good coverage on what the law is.  My favorite part was shooting the target at arm’s length to simulate a real-life situation. Never thought about the fact that’s how most of the situations would go down, so it was good information and practice. I would HIGHLY recommend your class to anyone that wants to learn all the ins and outs of getting qualified for self-protection. 

Daniel and Smoot

I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I enjoyed the concealed carry class!  You took great care of me and my group, and I felt incredibly comfortable with you as our instructor.  I learned a great deal in your course, especially regarding the laws surrounding self defense, and now look forward to applying for my permit with the state.

Thanks again!
Jennifer D. Grigg
I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I enjoyed your concealed carry course.   I have taken your advice and joined the NRA  using the link on your web page and have also purchased a 1911 style 45.  I am looking to get into reloading to keep the cost down and was wondering what your recommendation would be on components. If you have any suggestions, I am open.

Brian Reese
Paul Echols - 5960 Woodfield Drive - Kernersville, NC  27284
Phone:  336 420 3431 - Email:
Classroom - Tina, Sarah, Daniel, John and Chris
Hello Paul, 

Thank you for providing the CCH class. I left there very informed and I learned a lot. I enjoyed both the class and the range. Of course the range is probably everyone’s favorite. I took away way more than I came with in both “law” and  “how to’s” of shooting. I am of limited experience with handguns and feel since completing your class I am better and know what to practice. First of all to carry a shot gun if I expect trouble. LOL

Thank you again for taking the time with our group to prepare us for our CCH Permit.
Tina Kidd

I want to thank you for the training you provided that allowed me to get my Concealed Carry Permit.  I have been around and used firearms since I was in the Military in the early 1970’s for target shooting and hunting.  The information you presented in your training taught me some things I did not know and the emphasis on safety and the legal obligations were presented in a clear and easy to understand manner from which I benefited greatly.  I have already recommended your class to friends at work who inquired about the training that I attended.  

Thank you again.  
Larry Flynt

Hello Paul,                                                                          
Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your professional  presentation of the Concealed Carry Handgun course on June 13th.  The size of the class was perfect, as was the classroom environment itself.  The size allowed us to have enough time for questions and personally related experiences, and for you to expound so expertly on many topics.  You made us all feel right at home, and I especially, since you and I shared a kinship as fellow Vietnam Veterans. I would like to have spent more time at the range, but we had lots more to cover and it was certainly adequate for our required qualification.  I look forward to participating in more advanced courses with you in the future.  Thanks again for your professionalism.  I thoroughly enjoyed the course and certainly will be recommending it to many others.

Sincerely, Frank Palmieri   
Frank is serious with his .44 Mag.
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Good evening Paul,
I hope you have had a great start to the week.  I didn't get a chance to hang out afterwards and tell you personally but, I wanted to take a moment and send you a little note thanking you for your class on Saturday this past weekend.  I enjoyed it very much and appreciate you for everything you do for everyone who chooses to bear arms and do it legally.  I thought your class was great and couldn't stop talking about it all weekend.
I filled out all my paperwork today and have it ready to head downtown Winston to the Sheriff's office to apply for my permit.  

So thank you again.

Brian Wilson

Hi Paul,

I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed the target shooting portion of the class.  But more importantly, I feel I’m so much more informed about the laws, responsibilities and regulations with personal protection and the bearing of firearms.   You and your son ran the gun range so professionally that I always felt safe.  Even with the knowledge that a couple of shooters had never shot before, the level of control was excellent.  I thank you for your military service to our great nation and I thank you for taking the time you took with us. 

Kind regards,
David B. Henley

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My son and I both really enjoyed the Concealed Carry class you taught on April 28, 2012.  We applied for our permits the following week.  I appreciate everything you taught us about guns, safety, laws, and deadly force.  I will always highly recommend you to anyone wanting to take this class.  This class is a great experience for family members to take together.  Thanks.

Sincerely, James Mercer       

Paul ,

      I just wanted to say thanks for helping Suzanne and myself get through our CCH class . You , Your Son and the rest of the crew did a great job assisting us on the range and helping Suzanne enjoy and make it through her range experience . The classroom was very enlightening as well . We look forward to seeing you guys for more practice in the near future !!

Anthony Hodges


I came to the class not really knowing anything about guns or gun laws, as I mentioned I have shot guns before, but it was always my dad, brothers, or friend loading and reloading the gun. I took the class because I wanted to feel more confident when handling and shooting a gun and proper gun safety. I felt that you and your son are very knowledgeable and I enjoyed the fact that you keep the class sizes small. It allows for more one on one and is definitely safer when on the range. I will definitely recommend your class to others.

Thank you again!


Thank you for an informative and entertaining class. My husband and I learned a lot about gun safety and law. You also gave some very good advice on different types of guns, and what to consider when looking for a concealed weapon -- what feels comfortable, and you can still maintain accuracy? Brandon was also very knowledgeable and made the shooting portion of the day a little less stressful. Thank you again for all your work. I hope to see some more advanced classes for you all soon.

Chrystie and Jason Wear
Mr. Echols,

Justin and I thoroughly enjoyed the class. I apologize that I came a bit unprepared but I didn't check my e-mail the day before to see your instructions. We both commented to each other as we left Saturday how well put together everything was and that we appreciated your knowledge as well as your personality. There were a couple of times during that I felt a little overwhelmed with information but I came to realize that I was just over thinking things and to use some common sense.

Thank you again very much for sharing your knowledge, experience, and frank opinions. It's always nice to be in the company of like-minded individuals!

Take care !!!

Danielle & Justin Wilson

  Thanks Paul,

 I enjoyed the class alot. You and the other guys at the range were great. I learned a lot, now I just need to shoot more, see you at the gun show !!!!!

Thanks !!

 Charles Everett!!

Hey Mr. Echols,

Wanted to thank you for the class today especially on such short notice. I always look forward to any kind of gun training and today was no exception. Your class was informative and fun. I would recommend it to anyone wishing to obtain their CCH. The class was great and should you guys start developing some advanced classes, I would definitely be interested, as any day shooting and learning something new is better than a day at work . Take care and hope to see talk soon. 

Ron Borg


Thoroughly enjoyed the day with you guys. Let's keep in touch…
Again, Thanks again for the class Paul... and lunch Jeff, Long day... Lots of info!
Enjoyed every minute of it!

Best regards,
Bud Marshburn

Hi Paul,
  Just wanted to say thank you for all the time and wisdom you shared during the Concealed Carry Handgun Class.
I really enjoyed it, and learned quite a bit in the process. Also, thanks for correcting my grip! Just goes to show you can teach an old dog new tricks. I will keep practicing and hopefully improve my grouping with the correct grip. I'll be sending my wife to a future class and am confident that you will teach her all she needs to know in order to be safe and proficient in firearms training. Hope to hear from you in the future. 

 Thanks again, 
Jeff  Bucher


I hope all is well! I wanted to thank you for teaching my father and I the concealed carry class. Both of us thoroughly enjoyed the class as well as learned a great deal of knowledge. We enjoyed getting to know you and Thad very much appreciates all of the one on one time at the range. We both appreciate you making the time to fit our crazy schedules. All in all just wanted to say thank you!

Have a great rest of your week!

Regards,  Wright Lewallen

Shannon and I were extremely please with the class. You helped me to feel more normal. 

I feel different from everyone else because I have seen things and done things that nobody else made me feel normal for once because I felt like you understand what I've been through ... thanks for connecting with me ! 
Love the class ! 

Mark .